Inside Look at Madpea’s Carneval

– Part One –


   “Full of frights and cloaked in shadows, the Carneval stands still, frozen in time. There are whispers and scaretales of its frightening adventures, haunted rides and unparalleled mysteries. Those who seek adventure are encouraged to step right up and prepare for an experience that will leave you begging for more.”

Entrance to the Madness

Welcome to the Carneval! This dark and creepy nightmare is just crawling with surprises at every turn. As you get your bearings you will realize you are on the dock of a huge island and there is only one way to go…through the mouth of insanity! So gather your courage, climb the ladder, and descend into the darkness. It will be fun, I promise!

Through the Dark Tunnel

As you peer through the end of the tunnel you will see that this place has clearly seen better days. Broken glass and boarded up buildings line the cracked street. Old rusted turnstiles and faded posters for Madpea’s hunts and games beckon you to come play and explore. Further down, a shack with a beaded curtain invites you to come have your fortune told, but do you take the risk of knowing what fate has in store for you?

The Hanging Doll

Oh look, a swing ride! But wait…there aren’t any seats. Looks like the only way to ride The Hanging Doll is to slip your neck through the noose as you spin happily around hanging lifelessly. Yes, it’s all part of the twisted fun and I’m sure your dying for more so cut yourself down and keep exploring!

The Candy Shoppe

No carnival is complete without some cotton candy, caramel apples, and cold drinks. But how silly of me, this is a “Carneval”, and those sweet treats have long been forgotten. All that remains is the hollow shell of what was once an inviting Candy Shoppe. But hey, at least you won’t gain any weight after this trip!

he Drake

Making our way further down the street we comes across The Drake. This swinging ship has stood the test of time and is perfectly safe to ride…no really it is…why are you looking at me like that? Hop aboard and hold on to your stomach as you rock back and forth across the haunted landscape. I’m serious, it’s safe!


Escape the Room – The Original

Once your done curing your motion sickness, stumble down the street some more and you will find a Madpea classic game! Escape the Room invites you to step inside and admire the interior decorating. Wait…that’s not it…the door slams behind you and it’s a trap! Now you have to escape the room using only what you can find inside. Get the game HUD from the wall and good luck!


Tunnel of Doom

If you haven’t gone criminally insane yet, then perhaps this next attraction will help. Stroll on up to the Tunnel of Doom and pull the lever to summon your ghost train. It will seat you and a friend as you venture into the unknown. What surprises and dark mysteries are waiting inside? That’s for you to find out!


Evil has Surfaced

Look out! The Carneval has an evil visitor and he does not look friendly! Tentacles have erupted from the earth and shattered the path further down the street. Strange creatures with glowing yellow eyes hiss and look around hungrily. Better back track and see what fun you can find on the other side of the street before you get swallowed!


Skull Pop

Looking for some games of skill with prizes? Carneval has got them! The first you will come across is Skull Pop and costs 1L to play. Throw darts at the skulls and try to get a high score. The more skulls you pop the better your prize will be!



Curious to know what the stars have to say about your life? Step up to Astrology and touch the name of your zodiac sign on the globe. A voice from beyond will read your horoscope for the day. Will it be good or will it be bad, only the stars know!


Petit Panda

Who doesen’t love pandas? I know I do! The Petit Panda game is a simple one. Pay 1L and pull the rope to see what happens! If your lucky, you will walk away with a prize! If your unlucky…well…take a look at the next stall over. You don’t want to be unlucky, trust me. Looks like the janitor hasn’t been by yet…


Shotgun Wedding
– Now Open –

Ready to get hitched? It’s time for your Shotgun Wedding! Pay 1L to get your shotgun and shoot down some eligible bachelorettes. Be careful though, these hot hunnies aren’t easy! The more you knock up…err down…the better your prize will be!


Knife Throw

Looking to take out some stress? Well grab your best friend and head on over to Knife Throw! Strap them on the wheel and give it a long spin as they scream in delight. Then grab a knife from the shelf and see if you can hit the target without hitting your friend. Their cries of pain will bring a smile to your face.


Kozmic Juggle

So there may not be many cute things to find at the Carneval. But one of them is the Kozmic Juggle. Sit on the circle and be amused as the planets fall and you juggle them to a harmonious melody. See? The universe really does evolve around you!


Soup Cart

There may not be any funnel cakes or corn dogs at Carneval, but there is soup! Grab a cup and warm up with some hot soup, but be careful! Who knows how long that soup has been sitting there and rotten soup may have some side effects. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


The Courtyard

Looking for a place to just relax and listen to the screams of terror and groans of evil as you take in the depressing scenery? In the courtyard you will find a small nook of benches to sit and take a load off as you watch others flee and run in fright around the Carneval. It’s also home to two more games!


Catapult and Dunk-a-Doll

Hurry over to the Catapult and pay your 1L to get a cute robo kitty. Use his tail to launch balls at the target and score points. Careful though, cats don’t like their tails pulled! Then walk over to Dunk-a-Doll and Pay 1L to get a ping pong ball thrower. Land your balls in the fish bowls to score points, it’s harder then it looks! More points in both games will earn better prizes.



Are you mad? Find out by stepping up to the Madometer! Push the button and watch as the hand spins around and tells you how mad you really are. If your certifiable then you know you’re having way too much fun at the Carneval!


The Elevator to Spider

When people first arrive to the Carneval they will see the track for the impressive Spider roller coaster, but may not know where to go to ride it. Worry not, that is what this dilapidated sign and elevator are for. It will take you up to the loading platform high in the sky. Don’t worry, only the sign is in bad condition, the elevator is in mediocre condition.


The Spider Roller Coaster

Once you’ve made it to the top, walk across the bridge that could collapse at any moment and onto the rickety loading platform. Wait for the Spider train car to approach the station and hop in when it comes to an incomplete stop. It seats 3 victims…err guests. No one has ever walked the tracks to make sure they aren’t broken, but I’m sure it’s not an issue. Have fun! Please note this ride is highly recommended for those with a fear of heights.


Overview of the Spider Roller Coaster

Doesn’t that look like fun? You and your friends will love screaming at the top of your lungs as you go hurdling down the twisted track on a thrilling ride through the park! It will surely leave you begging for more and wanting to see what else the Carneval has to offer!

Experience the Carneval for yourself, it’s OPEN to all!


– Part Two –


Path to Hellracer

Tucked into the dark bushes, people may miss the thrilling Hellracer on their first visit to the Carneval. This is one of the best attractions here so don’t make that mistake! Gather your friends, then walk across the covered bridge and follow the path that will lead you down to the entrance.


Entrance to Hellracer

An abandoned mine shaft greets you with a mine kart just on the brink of falling off the rocky cliff, but do you dare click the ladder and descend down into the dark depths of hell?


Hellracer Mine Karts
Hot Tip: Use Pg Up and Pg Down to adjust from 3 gears

Racers to the starting line! Take a seat in your own runaway mine kart and hang on for a white knuckle ride careening around tight curves and colliding with your opponents in Hellracer! Sparks will fly as your kart wheels grind across the molten lava and you speed to the finish line leaving a cloud of steam in your wake. An impressive HUD tracks your lap times and monitors all the action!


The Big Pea

Well if you were hoping for a ride on The Big Pea your out of luck. It’s just inches from collapsing into a pile of twisted metal, but luckily some mysterious force has kept the Carneval frozen in time so you can marvel at how it defies gravity. If you bought tickets, sorry no refunds.


A Hidden Opportunity

The Carneval has many surprises and among them are some fun photo ops that are perfect for capturing a twisted moment. This picture shows where you can find one of them, but where is it exactly? I’m sure if you LOOK hard enough, you will figure it out.


Dinosaur Slide

Heading back to the street and up the stairs you can reach the Dinosaur Slide. Climb the steps and slide down the dinosaur’s back into the hungry maw of a fierce beast! Don’t worry, he’s not alive…at least I don’t think so. Did his eyes just blink? Watch your limbs around those sharp teeth, you don’t want to visit the first aid station! Oh wait…there isn’t one.


The Gulliver Observation Tower

Have you ever wanted to be at the top of the world? Well unless your superman, good luck with that. However, you can be at the top of the Carneval with a ride on Gulliver! Tread lightly across the old wooden ramp and have a seat in one of the uncomfortable chairs.  Once you click Start the real fun begins as you slowly ascend high above the clouds for an incredible view that will literally leave you breathless when you realize there’s no seat belt.


View from the Gulliver

Once you have made it to the top without falling to your death, feel free to stand up and walk onto the observation deck for a true panoramic view of the Carneval. Watch all the chaos from above while your perfectly safe at the top of the tower. Well…until it comes crashing down from no maintenance…You in a hurry to go back down now?


Entrance to Reaction

Put on your lab jacket, fasten those safety goggles, and tighten your rubber gloves because Reaction is an interactive science experiment like no other. Watch your step as you travel down the stone steps and into the mad science lab. If you hear groaning, it’s just another failed experiment hungry to feast on your flesh. No worries, just don’t open any doors…


Reaction’s Mad Laboratory

Once inside the lab, click the textbook on the floor to get your Reaction game HUD and prepare to conduct your first mad experiment. Gather your materials, solve the experiment at each workstation, and learn the wonders of science! Just don’t blow yourself up, the Carneval isn’t responsible for accidental death caused by…well anything.


The Kaaos Effect

Your attention please…the TSA time travel agency is accepting new victims…err travellers to go on an adventure through time and space visiting exciting locales from the past and future. Stroll on up and click the red beam to get your armband and time travel HUD. Then be whisked away on your vacation through time, the only problem is getting back to the present! It’s The Kaaos Effect, another Madpea masterpiece.


The Freak Stage

It is said that the Carneval is haunted by the ghosts of hideous freaks that were kept in cages and forced to perform on stage for audiences to laugh and stare at. This dark gathering place is called the Freak Stage where you can still see the posters of freaks and their empty cages.


Carneval of Freaks

Looking away from the stage you can see the awful conditions the freaks were kept in. Battered circus style cages line the stage and the sounds of rattling chains can be heard as you get closer. Don’t get too close though or you may find yourself being the Carneval’s next caged freak!


Show your Support

While here at the Freak Stage you can watch a projector roll the credits of all the people that helped make the Carneval a twisted reality. You can show your support and help Madpea create more amazing builds by tipping any of the sad face peas holding out their hand for some loose change. Surely you have some to spare, how can you resist that face?


Entrance to Shock Therapy

It can be a bit tricky to find Shock Therapy. It’s located on the other side of the street where the evil tentacle monster has surfaced. To get around the evil… walk up to the loading platform for the Tunnel of Doom, but instead of riding, keep walking to the side and toward the other side of the street.


Beginning your Shock Therapy

There hasn’t been a line for this attraction in years so walk to the end and enter the old wooden shack. Click the green hand print and a power meter will appear on your screen. Fall down the black hole in the floor and start your Shock Therapy treatment!


The Shock Therapy Maze

Inside you will find yourself surrounded by a giant maze of catwalks and ladders with only one goal in mind. To escape without being shocked to death! Along the maze are electric currents that will shock you if you pass through them. Get shocked too many times and your brain will get fried! I hope you prefer extra crispy.


Escape the Room – 70’s Edition

It’s back! Another room to escape from and this time your doing it 70’s style! Step inside and be mesmerized by the lava lamp, and when you try to leave…well the door is locked. Grab the game HUD from the wall and interact with the items in the room to discover objects you can use to escape. Will you be trapped in the 70’s forever? What a nightmare!


The Business District – West

Of course no true amusement park is complete without some shops to take home some fun gifts and souvenirs! Making your way down the street and into the business district where you will find shops from the creators of Madpea including The Arcanum, Wicked Sin Creations, TBF, Rag Store, and the Eclectic Company. There are some really great bargains on a lot of awesome things!


The Madpea Store

In the middle of the business district is the source of all the creative genius and magic behind the madness, The Madpea Store. Here you can buy all kinds of toys, gadgets, builds, and more fun stuff from previous and current Madpea builds. Why not take a piece of Madpea home with you today! You’ll be glad you did…wow that sounded like a bad infomercial.


The Business District – East

Further down the street are more stores from Madpea creators including Galerie Macabre, Penelope Parx, and [param]. You never know what their creative minds may be selling so stop in and take look! What’s on sale may surprise you and be just what you were looking for.


The Observatory

Heading forward toward the rocky mountains you will see an Observatory high on the cliff. To get there look for a sign with a small path leading up the cliff to the entrance. Then get ready to embark on an astral journey as you learn about the planets and constellations that can be seen around the globe!


Inside the Observatory

Gather around the earth and touch where you would like to view the sky from. Watch as the earth spins and the stars rotate around you to reveal what constellations and planets can be seen from that point on earth!


Last Look at Evil

So it’s time to say goodbye to the Carneval…for now, but before you go make sure you get one last look at evil on your way out. Who knows what evil plan this monster has in store for the Carneval, but I can tell you it definitely isn’t to build a boat ride with animated dolls that sing a repetitive song and drive people insane…or is it?


Join the Carneval Fun

Well that completes our tour of the Carneval, but don’t think it is at all complete. I left out plenty of surprises! I’m sure new things will be added in the coming year so it’s always a good idea to come back for more insanity!  If you haven’t visited the Carneval yet, then what are you waiting for?

Experience the Carneval for yourself, it’s OPEN to all!


  1. Kyle, we LOVE you! Thank you for this amazing review.

  2. I am SOOOOOO there! <3<3 Fabulously put together…thank you for featuring this so we can all get a good look at it!

  3. Great article and great pics… but then I’m ALWAYS impressed by everything coming out of the twisted (but genius) minds at Madpea. Thanks!

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